I`m leaving……

Today I am to pack and day-after-tomorrow to leave. It is but a sad fix to leave you in: following a new blog intently, only to find that the blogger has left. You find yourself stranded, sitting at a nice computer in a nice heated air conditioned house. I, on the other hand will be stuffed into a car which will have both heating and cooling systems in use, (though not at the same time) with my four siblings who are not all in grade school. Granted, I am homeschooled. I am not complaining; we drive the eleven-hundred mile stretch most vacations. (No misprint. It takes eighteen hours.)(although I am stealing quotes from another blog. Sorry.) Actually, this is to minipulate you so that you will not torture me for leaving. But, as I will get back from coolness to extreme heat, it probably won`t be necessary.

I am taking a CPR course tomorrow; now then I can save people!

I am now allowed to read The Hobbit and all the other books too, as long as I write a report comparing it to Beowulf before I do. I hope I find more similarities…and soon. It is cool, like reading The Chronicles of Narnia.


2 thoughts on “I`m leaving……

  1. the hobbit and the lord of the rings. they are such inspring books… i will have to read Beowulf again, becouse there are a ton of smiliarites in them… i just don’t recall them all right now.

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