First Aid and CPR Courses

I have now become certified in First Aid and CPR. That could mean many things. In this case it means that I took two shortened courses.(Cami tells me it was longer the first time she took it.) However I am not sure I could remember and evaluate all symptoms, and I certainly would not be comfortable actually having to do it. I am prepared, though.

I am tired. After going to bed way to late, I got up fifty minutes before I had to, took a shower got dressed, and fell half asleep on my bed.

Fortunately though, the night before, I thought of more comparisons of Beowulf and The Hobbit; so the time was not wasted.

I have got to go pack now. (Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Tons of things to do.) I`ll get on when I get back or when I can. Bye Guys!

Yes! Blair, I`ve got spellcheck now. (fortunately)

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