Ripoff 1#

Hey, now, in addition to sending a nasty letter to them, I am going to slander Simon Gift Card co.. Did you know that they deduct 2.50 each month, as a maintenance fee after the seventh month of disuse? Do you know why they have to? 1) Because they are a ripoff. 2) Because they have to pay all those people reading their feedback, probably mostly complaints. It would not be so bad if they actually left you something, but they just took my entire giftcard. Please do not support these people. If you have to get someone un-store-restricted money, get them cash. Better yet, support their competitors.


2 thoughts on “Ripoff 1#

  1. Sorry about that people. I was annoyed. It was also a most unpleasant experience. Their website is a real pain; you have to go there to find your balance. When you get there you have to enter your number like every time you want to change pages.

  2. joannad, i thought everyone knew that simon gift cards were this way. don’t you ever lisin to clark howerd (not that i do). other gift cards are like that too.

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