My business (& VBS)

 Yesterday I founded my business. Or rather, I printed out slips of paper advertising it. Explanation: I decided to go into business sewing scout badges on uniforms and changing the length of pants. It is a rather limited market but, I am planning on expanding my services later. I think that doing something like that would be cool; plus I would like the pocket money.

 Today is VBS; our church is hosting one in a neighborhood. I am helping my mom out with the small children, and I have just realized that I am not too great with little kids whom I do not know. Prayer request: pray that it helps those involved. Thanks. Also, thank you Chick-fil-a for catering.

Correction: They are catering tomorrow. Pizza Hut is donating pizzas today.

P.s: Great news! Cami, who broke her ankle a month ago, is in a brace now! Hooray!

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