Previous Post & Gone for a Bit

On about the tenth I was posting when our computer shut down. (broken UPS) here is the gist of the post from that day.

I felt sick after the first day of VBS. The upside being that I got to stay home and watch movies.

They showed pictures of VBS at church and, even though I was only there on one day, I was in half of the pictures. Cami,on the other hand was there on all three days, and only got into the background in 2 of the pictures. (Cami likes digits. “the future is digits!”)(Or at least, I think that was what she said.)

I saw the original King Kong this week. It was unnecessarily long. Just how long is this newest remake?

Well that is it. I need to go prepare to babysit Callie’s younger siblings (the very sick baby) (Sorry again B.D., Our play date is off) I will probably be sitting for the next week, so do not expect to hear from me. Please pray for me, the kids I am baby sitting, and for Callie most of all. Thanks.

Later: Their babysitter, thankfully, did not, in fact, have a heart attack. They do not need me any more. (My playdate was canceled anyway.)


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