I like Hams.

From the files of actors, session 236594C: my little sister, The ham. She has renewed my sense of humor…or sarcasm. We saw the Chronicals of Narnia last night and, since then I have remembered my wish to act in a play, also my ambition to send Cami ten copies of the first movie I act in. (She will then send me ten quarts of coffee ice cream, which I do not really like, with the seal broken and some thing inside saying that it is poisoned. But that is another story.) I mentioned this to my younger sister and found out that she wanted to as well. After a long, heated, and ridiculous argument, I finally told her that she was always a ham. (She was protesting that she is “not a ham!” to me and, now is protesting to Cami and my mom. They, incidentally, agree with me.) She retorted that if she was a ham in all respects, so was I. To her credit, I am but, I have gotten less so. (I used to get ice cream that way. Mmm. šŸ˜‰ ) speaking of ice cream I need to get some. Bye.


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