School books

Today, my dad went up to spend the last night with the scouts at summer camp. They presented one of the staff with the silver plunger. (He had them clean bathrooms.) Today was also my dad’s birthday, but we decided to postpone celebrating it. At summer camp, my little brother learned how to swim. Hooray! 😀

Today, my mom recieved two boxes of books from a friend. Fortunetly, she has a son who is my age, so I did not get almost any books. Thanks S______, You suffer in my stead. I would not mind very much if the books were not exclusively A Beka Books, but I am not a huge fan of them. Mostly, right now, I am glad to be in another English book.


One thought on “School books

  1. If anyone noticed, A post appeared for a short time and vanished. It was something I did not yet have my sister's permission to post. I did it accidentaly. I hope she does not get too annoyed. So that's why it diappeared.

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