Heated struggle for the computer

On a scale of one to ten, today ranks a 9 and 3/4. ……in heat. The one way it could be more unbearable, would be if it were humid. For the record, it is, 97°F Feels Like Sunny 95°F (Yes, to all who have noticed, I need help inserting images;I spent forever on it.)

My activities today: fixing my swimsuit in progress many times before finally finishing it, running around in the heat, and overhearing a conversation about a large contest to see who could author the longest sentences. I will try to find the results and link to them. Meanwhile I have booted my little sister off (Ok temporaraly off. Wait! will ya!) the computer. She was trying to view clips of a movie, which we have already seen, off the web. (Now off the DVD.) She moans in my arms as I struggle to reach around her to type. She snickers as I write. (at my jokes and spelling) (She would like to add that I am an evil tyrant with bad breath.) I reminds me of something Cami said of Foxtrot. Basically, it was that, the more people there were involved, the funnier the situation was.


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