July 2 1776

With independence day drawing near, I think that it would be good to clarify when it happened. It did not, in fact, happen on the fourth, it happened on the second. This conclusion is backed up by information from the Congressional Libraries’ journals of the continental congress’s meeting that day.

Resolved, That these United Colonies are, and, of right, ought to be, Free and Independent States; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown, and that all political connexion between them, and the state of Great Britain, is, and ought to be, totally dissolved.

Happy 4th!


8 thoughts on “July 2 1776

  1. If the link decides not to work again, I’m sorry. Go to Library of Congress, click American history, and then search for July 2 1776. The Coninental Congress journal for that day should be at the top of the results. Happy reading!

  2. That link will never “work” for anyone other then you, Joanna. It’s temporary and regenerated every time you visit the site, like when you visit Yahoo Mail.

    The “cute smiley face” is used to track visits to the blog so stats can be provided. Joanna is unable to see it because she’s logged in. WordPress.com does not track visits to your own blog.

  3. i wish my blog had a cute smiley face on it.
    have you noticed that your blog is becoming more and more like a message board?

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