On hair

I recently had my hair deep-conditioned and (now) it smells, looks, and feels nice. However…..three things to remember 1) Never look at what they’re putting in your hair. (raw egg & Mayo) 2) Never wear clothes that you really care about while doing it. (The stuff adhered to my glasses…….either that or toothpaste.) 3) It attracts dust. But mostly just remember the first. Its really cool, especially if you have someone who knows how to do it doing it. And yes, this post is mostly on nothing else. But, I mostly finished my report, and with my mom’s permission, maybe I can read The Fellowship of the Ring. Speaking of that, you should see the Veggie Tales version, The Lord of the Beans.

5 thoughts on “On hair

  1. Hey what is the Veggie Tales Lord of the Bean all about? Is it a Lord of The Rings spinoff??

     (Note form Joanna: It is LOTR jumbled and retold with Veggie Tales charecters, but it has its own moral [using talents wisely]. You can tell that it is based off LOTR from the names for one: Scary-man [Sauraman] Ear-a-corn [Aragorn], ect.) 

  2. Is Gollum/Smeagol featured as one of the characters? I would love to see it…. I love Lord of the Rings!!! Oh, and you mentioned “talents” do you mean certain cameos by certain LOTR stars?

    (note from Joanna: No, It is about using talents-God given skills-wisely. It is animated and stars, Junior Asparagus as Toto Baggypants, and has Larry the Cucumber as Ear-a-corn, Mr. Lunt as Ahem [Gollum]……)

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