I can read The Fellowship of the Ring now! I’m about half-way through. I understand now why my parents made me wait; it is dark. My older brother finished or almost finished his on-line coarse.

Hail to old movies! good actors, plots, and language! Where you have to listen closely so you could understand the crackly recording. O.K., random, but I feel that way. My sister and I think that many old actors were good, and that many new, and on occasion, old, bad movies are bad for the language. Trying to make something sound mature by calling dirty names…… hmm……. doesn’t sound very mature to me!


3 thoughts on “Movies

  1. That’s true, and lately the budget of movies is going down so instead of getting good movies, we get flaky remakes and predictable comedies. The really, best movies that come out now are mostly the independant flicks.

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