Inwardly Joanna Moans and the Touchpad of Doom

Ok, so today I was working on my computerized biology book. Looking back over pages, searching for that which I have forgotten. When suddenly…(Duh duh dum) the computer switches back to a previous page. I make an annoyed, desperate exclaimation and continue, hoping that it does not happen again. Unfortunetly, it does, as soon as I continue scrolling again. On one occaision it blinked through several pages back to the entry screen. “‘Aaaaaahhh’, I exclaim desparingly, ‘be quiet,'” Cami commands, not realizing that she is using her standard “you are an idiot” reply when I finally had a real problem. And I did. As turned out, it was an annoying shortcut, and as my older brother explained, there was no way to turn it off. I should know; it has erased my post three times. Beware, never bring your finger too close to the edge of a COMPAQ laptop touch pad. And now after sending that dire warning, I go to have pie, and perhaps, I hope, complete my history.


3 thoughts on “Inwardly Joanna Moans and the Touchpad of Doom

  1. Joanna, this is a shortcut with Opera, not a problem with the Compaq laptop or Linux. As long as you don’t move your finger to the very bottom edge of the tochpad and suddenly jerk left, you’ll be fine. Why are you using the mouse cursor while typing, anyway?

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