Hunting…for parakeets

I had more trouble with the short-cut last night appearently, it has something to do with a certain version of Linux.
We’re sitting the neighbor’s parakeets this week; my dogs are both at least partly cocker spainials, which were (to the birds’ chagrin) bred to hunt woodcock. One of my dogs is mostly cocker, and he is much keener on catching them than the other dog. Though she is part springer spanial, (bred to get ducks,) and not very smart, my other dog has noticed them.
So, my first dog will just park himself under the cage, and bark, and bark, and whine and ask us the give the birds to him. The birds for their part, after one day of being frightened have developed a different tone of chirp which they use when the dogs are near. The dogs then go even more bananas and start whining, making it even more evedent that the parakeets are mocking the dogs. The parakeets have been singing more partly owing to their victory over the dogs, my brother’s chirping, and Cami’s piano music (Note from Cami,:“I haven’t played it more than twice since they got here……”)
Also new, My older siblings went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2, and they say that it was not resolved. They could have resolved it, but they didn’t. Instead you have to go see it next August. I guess that they thought that it was the only way of ensuring a large audience next summer. We are renting it before the next one comes out, if only to end Cami’s torture of not being able to quote it to me and mine at not seeing it.

3 thoughts on “Hunting…for parakeets

  1. I think that it is; keep in mind that I haven’t seen it though. appearently it has a better soundtrack than the last one, and the last one had a good soundtrack.
    For my post, I am babysitting once again. and I have to go find Batman coloring sheets. goodbye!

  2. Correction: my sister says she liked the previous music better. However, this music was done by a full orchastra and not just by a synthesizer.
    My second dog is full cocker, as it turns out, but they are more heavily built.

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