In which Joanna ponders the existence of her blog

On the subject of blogs, I have been pondering. I know why I originally wanted to write a blog; it would be like a journal, a record, something funny. Since seeing other blogs, I have learned that mostly, they are on one subject. They are chronicle of the owner’s search for pennies under sofa, a work in progress in electromagnetic fields, a list of things in Star Trek that have actually happened.(transparent aluminum…Star Trek IV, a transporter beam) [the transporter beam being for very small objects]).
However, never fear, I will not discontinue my blog; there are many journals out there. If for no other purpose, my blog will exist so that my spelling and the subjects of my posts can entertain you.

3 thoughts on “In which Joanna ponders the existence of her blog

  1. I had a long explaination, but the computer erased it. I don’t think electromagnetic fields exist. I heard it on Star Treck. Electromagnatism means
    1, magnatism developed by electricity (As in Earnest goes to Jail, movie.) 2.a force formed by charge on charged particles, and how may photons the particles were giving off or absorbing. This force makes them interact with each other.
    I love Merrimen-Webster. I want to do something like this (research or reading about cool stuff) in collage or as an adult.

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