It has been said, “Everyone one has a story” Or so I think I’ve heard it been said. Unfortunetly, my fictitious story is a ripoff of Pirates of the Caribbean

It started on calm seas, every word echoing my command, vaughly reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean. But, then disaster struck! The main character, within the first paragraph, was kidnapped by a crew of bloodthirsty pirates!
About there, my story got a bit too reminiscent of Kidnapped , not to mention far fetched. It has retired to the peace of my grandpa’s computer to live it’s fantasy out alone. Unfortunately I left the main character on a pirate ship with a cook that was out to get him. I hope he’s ok.
I have lost most of my ability to think of very many good plots save little kids’ ones including cute furry animals. Which is really too bad because I like writing. Some day I will return, resurrect the story, and send him to Scotland because of my love of plaid. (no offence to the Scots)
Meanwhile, I will improve my writing by umm….uh…reading LOTR. Which is really cool being able to improve your writing by reading a good author.(I might warn you, It must be a good author, such as Twain, Stevenson, C.S. Lewis) I guess you improve by trial, error, and exposure, plus lots of endurance.


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