I Am Not Fond of Blood.

I recently got a cut on my finger from a broken cup. It bled a ton. I do not like blood. Strange it souds, especially because I originally wanted to become a nurse. When there is a lot of blood or I’m in a lot of pain, I breath funny; when I breath funny, I don’t get enough oxygen. When I don’t get enough oxygen, I faint for a second. Fainting is a lot like sleeping, except that with sleeping, you do not wake up with a bruise on your head where you fell. So now, as a result of my unintentional dramatics, I now have an ear-splitting head-ache, to remind me to remain calm. (The cut now looks like a tiny, insignificant paper cut.)
I am leaving tomorrow for Floridia, while my brother has a good-bye party with his friends, before leaving for collage.

3 thoughts on “I Am Not Fond of Blood.

  1. i step on alot of sharp stuff. one time i was cleaning under my bed, i was on my hands and knees, and then my knee steped on the pointy side of a keepers badge, it hurt and then it started itching.

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