My trip to my grandpa’s was great; We saw my other grandparents on the way up. We spent time with my grandpa, and went bike riding, (or I did, Cami ran.) I wrote part of a story, with an unrelated name, for my little sister. The thing that amazed me most on the trip was stargazing.
Whoa It was amazing. I have read about it and gone to museums, but I never saw a lot of stars. (Mostly because I needed glasses, lived near a large city with tons of lights, and lack of good nights.)

But Monday night at my grandpa’s we went for a walk. Imagine a dark blue sky with faint clouds and swirls. (Milky Way?) Now add 400 stars of varying brightnesses at different heights and depths in the sky. it was breathtaking.

Granted, I did a very passable imitation of Cpt. Jake Sparrow, walking around bumping in to people as I looked up.
Wow, I mean, I sort of thought that different parts of star charts were seen by different parts of the world. Nooooooooooo. Now star charts seem incomplete. I gotta go pack for the trip to my older brother’s collage.


5 thoughts on “Starstruck

  1. My sister Cami does a good Cap’n Jack sparrow imitation too. Or our cousin P_______ does an even better one according to Cami; you wouldn’t expect it from him.

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