What of everything? My brother is at collage, but because of skype we can talk to him fa-….fine, photo of a face to face. I am being really unproductive lately. At least I found a quiet space to be; the downside being that everyone knows where I am hiding.

Ok, I have to remove hot glue from something I am working on, before next Monday. Either that or a bit [more] work. Does ice, vinegar, or ironing work? Methods or suggestions?

Congratulations to Mrs. M________! She is now a U.S. citizen. I went and saw her sworn in. Yay!

8 thoughts on “Today

  1. I bet you miss your brother already. I wonder if Jordan is going to miss me next year? Oh wait, I’m probably going to live @ home. When I go to college, it will be like public school. (Except no school bus.)

  2. I said that. Jordan had her name on my computer & forgot to change it. Bad Jordan!

    “We’re starting Keepers in 1 week & five days? We haven’t even had the end of the year swim party. I hope it’s not too late to swim.:(“

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