In which Joanna talks about cake.

Hey, There is big gap between posts, I know. And, because I need to do a lot of stuff, in all probability, the gaps will grew more frequent.

Right now, however, I get to rave about how hard it is to find fudge/cake without flour. (See the “Who am I?” page.) I want to make a cake for my birthday at the end of next month; my main candidates being cheese cake and fudge. The thing is, that I have had cheesecake for like every friends party for the last three years, and I am not sure I want a chocolate cake, chocolate fudge that is. We could do taffy. But knowing the people I know, half of them would get incredibly hyper;and the other half would take one bite and declare they had eaten enough sugar to last them a year, or at least to the end of my party,…..meaning leftovers. And you know, “I don’t want to eat any taffy-cake either.”
So at my mom’s twenty-seconds-ago suggestion I will freeze random fruit pieces inside a block of ice cream, call it a cake, and save the trouble of getting any additional ice cream to go with the cake.

Hmmm…..Never mind,… getting ice cream to go with an ice cream cake might actually be really good………

When writing the title I realized something:” If I can write a whole post about food, I probably need to go eat, drink, or do something.” because of that startling new revelation I am going to end the post now. Bye.

10 thoughts on “In which Joanna talks about cake.

  1. Oh yeah, my little brother will tell you about it anyway, but next time you see me, ask about my “impression.” Unless, of course, you DON`T want me to make a fool out of myself.

  2. my computer is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow!!!!!!! we need dsl! check out my message board. feel free to post. you can do that with message boards.

  3. In answer to all those comments, cholcolate might squish when I mixed it into the ice cream; (and I could just use chocolate-chip ice cream.)
    They make mixes for EVERYTHING. But they are expensive. I would rather fool around on my own.
    You have a message board?
    “Woot” is an abbreviated phrase from an online roll-play game; it means ‘Wow, loot!’

  4. L.S. , I keep the post up even after it is over; You do not need to tell people this.
    Ummm….I was in the room when when you typed this, and you asked me how to spell it then,……only to use the correct spelling when you asked me how to spell it in the comment.
    I mean you made 6 other Errors (2 lack of capitalization, 1 misplaced period, 1 omitted comma, 2 misspelled words, and the period is too far from the word pineapple.)

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