Black Holes

Hello, I am back after long absence. (from posting)
“I will have a lot going on.” she explains, hoping for pardon.
No one offers any, so she continues, ” Ah, Yes, anyhow, I have discovered that black holes DO exist. My finished plastic canvas and my embroidery project as well as my language paper from Monday have been intercepted and divoured. No, really, it vanished into thin air from inside my paper holder or language book, or they separated from my stuff. *dramatically* ‘It’s horrible!’
Then again, my dog could have eaten them. Or maybe, I just lost them; but I like one of the first two explainations better.”

3 thoughts on “Black Holes

  1. No, actually, I was exaggerating. I found the embroidery and language papers; only to discover that more of my papers were missing. More likely than black holes are lapses in my memory; I probably just lost them……………Or did I?

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