The Bet

I am not a very language oriented person. I mean, I love books and I love writing; but I am a slow reader. Not because I have a hard time reading, far from it, but because I like to stop and think about the book and experience it mentally. Because of this, as you may have guessed, I do not get through books as speedily as I might. I also have problems with understanding definitions and instructions. Unfortunetly, I also complaine.
Well, you can see how all this might impede me in learning another language. It all came to a head Monday: I was trying to understand my grammar book and getting rather frustrated. The conversation was migrating from grammer to Spanish, which did not help my mood much. (Then in the foreground, my older sister- who speaks some Spanish- started reading Spanish tongue twisters.)
I was still a bit annoyed that evening when we were talking to a friend from Venezuala, and she and my sister started talking quickly in Spanish. Well, my Dad- who had not heard the earlier conversation, and also speaks another language somewhat- heard me express my greviences that night and later made a bet: that he could learn more Spanish than I in any amount of time I should set. (7 months and 15 days) I accepted and he is probably going to win, but we shall see…..


3 thoughts on “The Bet

  1. You do have an advantage. You can study spanish in school, while your dad will have to learn in his spare time. I think you can beat him. (Unless you have to learn on your free time as well and school can’t count.)

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