Thanksgiving History

In 1620 the Pilgrims obtained a permit to settle north Virginia. Some separtists who had fled to Holland sailed on the Speedwell back to England to join a larger group of separtists. Unfortunatly the Speedwall was not in good condition after its voyage from Holland, so on September 6, 1620 its passengers squeezed onto the Mayflower and set out for the Americas.
On December 21, 1620 the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. On the way, there had been bad storms and so, instead of northern Virginia, where they had permission to settle, they founded Plymouth, Massachusetts.
After a very hard winter during which many people died, the Indians befriended the Pilgrims by showing them how to fish and plant food. They had a great year, and to thank God they had a great feast, Inviting the indians. That was the traditional first Thanksgiving in the new world. (The actual first was held on December 4, 1619. [The pilgrims had theirs in 1621.])
On October 3, 1863 Prisident Lincoln proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving for the last thursday in November. (Due to some lobbying by Sarah Josepha Hale.)(President Roosevelt moved it.) Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Side note: Oops, yeah, Squanto’s history IS depressing. (I had only skimmed it.) Kidnapped TWICE? Sounds like something out of the farfetched stories I am fond of telling.

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