Christmas Catalogs

Hi, This is a post I wrote in early November, but because I am lazy, I let it sit a while so I could eventually edit it down.

Ah, the season of giving! As you have probably noticed, after the Halloween period of sale has passed, retailers go almost directly (if not directly,) into Christmas. (Hasn’t anyone heard of Thanksgiving?)[I will, perhaps, get into that later.]

(Sometimes the time of sale passes a bit too quickly. *two days before halloween* ” Excuse me, I would like to purchase a costume for my daughter. Do you know where they might be located?” “Costumes? We sold those out months ago”)[I am not of course saying I actually want retailers to sell halloween stuff any longer than they are, if at all, I just find it funny.]

Anyway, “The Season of Giving”. Along with their initial confusion about whether Christmas should be celebrated, (Even though often, the only symbols of Christmas they ever have are singing statues of Santa and fake wreaths.) retailers have confused the phrase. What should be given? They themselves have shown partiallity to the early giving……of catalogs! The catalogs themselves show the many things which “you can give early to Dad.” (So even though they condemn Christmas as a “religious holiday” and let all other religous holidays stand, they STILL send you “Holiday” catalogs)
Only today, (The 3rd of November) we recieved 1..2,3…4….5,6? catalogs for a holiday 52 days away.
I ask myself Why?, Why send catalogs for a holiday you won’t condone? Money, They got used to big buying season, also people still celebrate Christmas even if they don’t (or do) believe in it. Kinda ironic if you think of it. In trying to offend no one, they have offended us.
Note:Later I find out that they send them out early so that the stuff you order will come in time, but the third of November is still a stretch. (Only now, the end of November, we get nearly that much every day.)

3 thoughts on “Christmas Catalogs

  1. I know what you mean. You walk into Walgreen’s on October 31st, you see Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy. You return the next day, Santa Clauses, snowmen, and other Christmasy things. (on occasion, you may see a Nativity scene.) We went to the mountains Nov.4 and 94.9 (a secular AC station my mom listens to.) was playing Christmas music, so she looked for other stations.

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