Heat (please?)

Yyyaaaaaaa, It is cc-oolddd, at least for where I live. My appendages are starting to turn purple down here. (I really should wear a sweater.) But when you go upstairs, you suddenly feel like a cat in a sunbeam. Seriously, it is warm up there. Can you believe it? It is cold enough to snow……..last night it was too cold for typical snow.

All this and I’m from further north than everyone else here is. ‘Tis almost fun….never mind, it is fun to sit around in my jacket on a mild night, not feeling the cold, while all the wimpy southerners burrow into their parkas complaining of the lack of heat. (Yeah, ummm, I know several southerners. “Please don’t attack me…..”)
(Of course, I might not always be right about the heat; It’s just that I enjoy arguing about the heat with shivering people.)

Yeah, I hope I have not lost all my audience with that, (except perhaps all the southerners) because my brother is home! W00t! I will now use this as excuse not to post. Fare well!


11 thoughts on “Heat (please?)

  1. It’s cold????
    This weekend, it has been warm. I normally don’t like the cold, but it makes it a little more like Christmas. When January first arrives, though, I will be yelling “Bring on the heat!” πŸ˜‰

    Joanna:Sorry, I wrote this last week….a.k.a. around the 11th. It was cold when I put it up.

  2. Yeah, ummmm, I’m done (for now) changing my theme.
    (I might have to work on the header if it clashes though.)
    Thank you for your patience.
    (And yes, there is a smiley.)

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