Greetings and salutations from me……. Hello! Yes, I am finally back. It was a long, tedious journey, fraught with dog breath and potato chip crumbs, but I am here, and alive to tell the tale. I am going to review two movies I saw in December/January.

Warning! Spoilers for POTC 2 and LOTR TT ahead

I have finally seen Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It was a bit, ummm…..crammed? The music was orchestrated, and in that sense better than the first. However, it was a bit redundant of the first. The plot….to sum it up in one word: full. The suspension of disbelief was higher. It was a bit more slap-sticky. But anyone who liked the first will probably like this. Do not look for plot holes with this; they are best ignored, as with the first one. Tons of good lines, unfortunately, I could not hear a good deal of the dialog when I saw it, because I watched it on computer with lousy speakers. Even if you have good speakers, you may want to watch it a second time with subtitles (the accents) You also may want to wait to see it until May when the third one comes out, because the second ends on a major cliff-hanger. If you have someone in the house who saw it in theatres, I would recommend you saw it a.s.a.p., for both your sakes. It follows my brother’s rule of trilogies thus far; the first stands alone, the second only leads into the third and the third is the grand finale. The third had better be good, or they will have people annoyed with them.

I also finally saw The Two Towers, -yes, I know that they’ve been out for a while. I have read the books so I can tell you how well it followed the second book. They did the movie well, as most everyone knows. It had good music, and it wasn’t too loud. They did a good job on the plot, especially the end, which they managed to smooth down, even though that spot was cliff-hangerish in the book. My main complaints are with the Elves “Oh, the Elvsessssssss, they taunt at meeeeee………” They messed Elrond up horribly, “he didn’t act like that! He had a sense of humor, he was not a fatalist, and he did not have a conversation with Arwen, telling her not to marry Aragorn.” Sorry, fortunetly, he doesn’t play a major role. Legolas, who is really cool, is needlessly slandered because of Orlando Bloom. Oh, yeah, The force of Elves in a certain battle all had the same face; I mean they looked like identical twins. They meligned Treebeard. And the fact Gimli and Legolas were friends didn’t really stand out. They also messed up my favorite minor charecter: Faramir. He shows up in the movie, finds out about the Ring, and is taking it when something happens to change his mind. They make him like his brother. Originally, he was like Robin Hood- down to the Lincoln green. He found out about the Ring and says that he could take it, you are alone blah, blah, blah…… then he says he doesn’t want it. They inserted that line in the movie without the last bit.

2 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Orlando Bloom is cute and you know it! And so are some of those hobbits. lol

    Joanna says: ” 🙄 No more references to your crush on Orlando Bloom, or….etc. The Hobbit children are adorable. 😉 “

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