Sleep deprivation

Friday I had a lock-in; (yay!) I stayed up till ummm…3:00? Of course, after watching our two movies, one of which was The Return of the King, we had to go to bed…and Cami and I had to get up at 7:30….and go coach a bunch of fourth-graders at an AWANA Bible Quiz tournament. Suffice to say, I was not very active (or awake) after the tournament. my midgets (as I am fond of calling them) did pretty well despite my tiredness: second and fourth place.

This I offer as an excuse for not getting up when my sister woke me three times to go to church; as a result I had to get ready in five minutes. (I will eventually review/point out the few faults of The Return of the King.)

In other news: I will, in the future, seldom post during the week as my school work needs more attention and I less distractions. (Not that I’m posting very much now.)


2 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation

  1. How do you do that line thingy? šŸ˜•


    Joanna: Oh, if you are using the visual format (such as when commenting and composing), you press Alt+k (for composing you use this cute little button thing). If you aren’t such as now, when I’m editing your comment (or when I’m composing without the visual format), you type: (angle bracket)strike(angle bracket) content (angle bracket)/strike(angle bracket). (Sorry, if I don’t type out the name “angle bracket” it will strike it out.

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