Review of The Return of the King

In this post I will review the third and last part of the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Prepare yourself for ummm…textic scenes.

Spoilers ahead

I have also read The Return of the King so I can give you a good idea of how well it lines up with the book, if only I can remember the movie; I saw it at 12:00p.m.-3:00a.m. (And yes, according to my language book, those are the correct assignments of a.m. and p.m.)
First I will point out that the books ended and started at different times then the movies, so while the second movie left Sam and Frodo outside of Mordor while the Ents stormed Isengarde, the book left Sam fainting at the gates of the evil guard tower in Mordor whilst Frodo lay inside drugged out and Gandalf and Pippen raced to Gondor. Tolkien was extrordinarily evil just to leave the book hanging like that. (Now you can just pick up the next volume at a book store, but originally, the books were released a year apart. However, I do believe that the movie lines up pretty well with chronological order.

Now, on to the review. Yes, they did a good job lining it up with the book. The downside being that they left out some really cool scenes because it is a movie. (They had to leave out a scene involving the ghosts, revise and awsome scene with Eowyn, leave out a cool charecter, and take out a love sequence which I don’t grudge them. But I really wish that they could have kept a battle sequence involving Hobbits at the end.)

I was graphic; I knew of the graphicness so sequeemish me didn’t panic too much. Yes, it was very deservant it’s rating.
Plot: I liked it with the exception that the return scene wasn’t dramatic; they needed to include beforementioned battle. I will restate here that it was very intense
I cannot rate acting; all I can rate is whether it is believeable. From what I have heard, anyway, it was very good acting as well as being believable.
I give up on rating music, the truth being that the sound was turned down very low, and I could bearly hear the music or the dialogue. What I heard of it I liked, if I remember correctly.
Special effects. Why are the ghosts, and the evil city greeny blue? I mean it’s a cool sort of greeny blue and in part believeable, but ummm…no, they should not have been that color. The special effects armies were good, as well as the odd creatures/people; the oiliphants were good, but it’s hard to make something that big believable.


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