Botany terror

You wonder where mad scientists come from, aye? That is now a question of the past because I know. They are people who have spent much too much time staring into the light on a microscope. (That’s where they get that weird twitchy eye thing, like staring into the sun.)

I did two hours of botany today; I didn’t even finish the lab which was partially done when I started it. But you know what? I DON’T CARE! Bwahahaha (My response to my sister after she exaggerated you got weird after three hours of science-I got it after two.) Even my Mom said I needed to quit. Alas, I must do all the rest of my schoolwork after I get my lunch.

( Contribute to the “Joanna has way too much school work petition” in the comments, No, never mind, don’t.)

6 thoughts on “Botany terror

  1. Ummmmm yeah, actually it was three hours and I’m supposed to be catching up.

    @Blair: yes, you DO have it much worse. (ouch) I have been witness such thing and it DID NOT look fun.

    @Jordan: No, no, It’s cool how else do spies get people to respect them than to drive around on 95 degree days in a vehicle whose color attracts heat. I mean think about it
    -Haven’t you ever seen men in Black?…….Ok, I haven’t either, oh, well. (At least it isn’t henna.)

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