Random Elation

Biology is a most wonderful thing. Take this example: One moment you are in the pit of despair wondering whether things could get worse (or possibly better) and when that weird albino from The Princess Bride will reappear, when you decide to just get it over with and do Biology. I feel wonderful after 7 pages of Kingdom Monera and remaining sane, (though that may be only a matter of opinion). Nothing could wet my spirits, not even the fact that it just started raining. Okay, so that’s just particular to me, a person who on occasion enjoys math. Oh, well.

It appears that my posts are getting entirely uninformative. I mulled over this in bed last night; I laughed for a reason I cannot remember.

People are constantly going in and out of the door which is located near the computer. “Do I know them?” Hmmm, one of them is several years younger than me and tries to imitate Jack Sparrow’s voice; the other has tied up her hair in the fashion of a men’s colonial wig (being vaguely reminiscent of the modern ponytail) ; both have lived with me their entire life……No, I definitely do not know them.

5 thoughts on “Random Elation

  1. If you really think your post are getting uninformative, just write about something that interest you (something, something thats not math). You could always write about about a cute guy, everybody (or atleast girls) loves a cute guy lol. Try Orlando Bloom, I err I mean everybody loves Orlando Bloom! lol

  2. (Note: the person in comment one is my sister, who for some reason neglected to change the name in the name space.)

    @jezypeeps: I really go for that logic, you know. “write about your interests-as long as they aren’t math.” (That ain’t informative) ; )
    The problem with your suggestion of writing about a cute guy is that the results of this suggestion would be of interest to you. Besides, if, in private, I told you I didn’t like any guys, would I be likely to post it if I had a crush on someone?

  3. You also don’t want to be careless and post the name (or nickname they would reconize as them.). Joanna, it’s your blog, so write what you want even if it is uninformative. Last summer, I wrote a lot of stuff about Animal Crossing…with only a couple of people having played the game before. To someone who doesn’t play Animal Crossing, it would look weird. Actually, even someone who played thought it was weird. (Hmmm, Jezy, would you care to apologize?) Anyway, keep writing, then something might come up and you’ll want to write about it.

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