I am composing a piano piece; it is called Indiana Sparrow–and already you can guess the theme. I play around on ditties all the time. The only difference is now, I have a worthless, (to everyone else) cool ditty.

Along with that humanities-type accomplishment, I will rave about another composition that I am working on. I have two well-written children’s books based on an old Zorro movie; I really like them. This week I have to write a scene about conflict; guess who I chose to write about? Only next time I have to invent my own characters *frown*. I like writing about characters whom I *know* are cool.

Ah yes,

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is the age of my wisdom, it is the age of my foolishness, it is the epoch of your dis-belief, it is the epoch of your incredulity, it is the season of Light, it is the season of Darkness, it is spring, it is winter…

Guess what I get to read! (My apologies to Dickens for mutilating his work.)(Actually, the last part is true; it’s both winter and spring, well, sorta…) Right now I’m thinking, “Wow, look at the first sentence; it’s nearly eleven lines long!” “Yes, (to all inquiring minds) I have finished the first sentence, I’m past it….on the second page…at the end of the first chapter.

Tomorrow I have a very busy day. I am volunteering at a robotics competition. They require you to get there at seven, so I have to get up at six, and loiter/help until eight when my actual job kicks in. The thing runs until six. Meanwhile, I unthinkingly scheduled a scout outing at five so I have to leave early and go climbing for I think about three hours. My dad and my brother are at a lock-in tonight and my sister’s out. Busy, no? But really, it’s not usually like this.


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