What came of it

The results of my busy day:

I went to the VEX competition yesterday, the only thing was that my mother had decided the show up time of 7:00 was totally ridiculous. So we showed up about an hour later and in spite of that, waited a while, since they had pushed back opening ceremonies to 10:30 (It turns out that showing up at 7:00 was mostly intended for judges and other people with actual “hard work.”)

I managed to keep myself pretty busy; I was a field reset-er for the game. This game included bulldozing balls into a goal, pushing around a large ball, as well trying to get on a platform at the end and/or hanging on a bar–I can now stack softballs with amazing pace. And I took it upon myself to help the person who was distributing crystals by making sure she got them back. About halfway through the tournament all other reseters for my field left, leaving the supervisor and I to do it. With our superior ball-stacking skills, it went quite smoothly.

Then there was the team I was rooting for, (the team I might have been on) 3178; last I knew they were in nineteenth place, but the end half, elimination round was coming up. If someone good chose to ally with them, they had a fair chance of getting pretty high. Keep in mind that the competition is over–I just do not know the results.

Climbing. I can now belay, if, that is, the belay-ee is one of the rare class of people only twenty pounds more than me. It was harder the second time.

So yeah, that, in not very well grammar-ed, blather-y speech, was yesterday.


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