Star Treck and LOTR

So, I’m sitting here thinking (and battling a bout of writer’s block) and reflect “You know, a lot a people imitate LOTR.”
I mean, think about it; it only became a really big hit when someone(s) smart in the movie industry found the book and said,
“Hey, this Tolkien character could write! Let’s make a movie!” It’s funny, my sister informs me that LOTR, for a while, was only for weird fanatics–it is still only weird fanatics who are into it, there are just more of them.

I found this really weird video clip on Bill Amend’s (cartoonist) website. The caption under the link was something like,
“Here’s what you get when you mix something cool like Star Trek with something cool like LOTR.” It featured a lot of people in dancing around in a semi-hobbitish manner, wearing cheap costumes reminiscent of the Star Trek TV show, whilst someone who looked like Spock sang. Even though I hadn’t read LOTR or seen one of the old Star Trek episodes at this point, it severely lowered my opinion of mixing things (Now that I have seen both my opinion is still lowered; I just understand the weirdness a little bit better.)
But then, about six months later, my sister and I are babysitting “Hey, look Joanna!” Cami calls from across the room, holding up a CD case, which to my unspectacled eyes, is a mere blur,
“What is it?” I ask
“Look!” She shoves it in my face, and I hold it three inches from my eyes,
“‘Spaced Out!‘ ?” She grins widely. The ’80s CD (which we played several times while we were there) contained dramatic readings by William Shatner (who could have done a lot more on “Over the Hedge’, if they had let him loose) and songs by Spock, who sang something called “Illogical” but more importantly one called “Bilbo Baggins”.
Spock, it seems, was a fanatic.

Ah, but I digress.
You have only to enter the teen section of the library to come across stacks upon stacks of books based upon a combination of “A Series of Unfortunate Events“, “LOTR” (the movie, not the book), and “A-Weird-Story-I-Read-on-the-Internet-Last-Week” and the like. These are books authored by weird people who might have known better. At this rate, I could author my own trilogy-my writing is better than that of a lot of teen authors. But out of respect for a good author, and my dislike of ripping books off with cheap imitations, I will refrain, instead sending my application to Minstrel Books to be the Zorro series ghost writer.
I will, additionally, petition the library to dump the cheap books and purchase some books with an actual reading level a.k.a. a few copies of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. 😉


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