Hello all, Mrfff: schoolwork. Today in math, I did a lesson on exponential equations/functions an compound interest. Everything (or most everything) that I’ve been learning these past months comes together in this lesson–the “h of x” stuff, Logarithms, exponents, variations… It’s neat but at the same time scary. “It all hooks together!” Of course, that’s what I like about math: the pure “ness” of it–the organized “there is order in the universe” type thing.

Yeah, and then my little sister always manages to get up and started on schoolwork about an hour earlier than I do. I mean, I know that I’m a late riser but still.

Oh, yeah, our Easter play skit is coming up. *sing-song* “I get to be Namaan’s aaaiid. I get to be Namaan’s aaaiidd. and Noah’s 2# son and Child 1# toooooo!” *end sing-song* Ha ha, I feel no need to divulge more information, except that it involves Darth Vader.

Yeah, but as said earlier I have school. (en Español) “Yo esta estudiante de Español. Ahora Yo hacer trabajo de escuela. Hasta luego!”


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