First Aid

Hello, I just feel like rambling today.

I took the first half of a two-part wilderness first aid course today. There were several photos of wounds as examples to the text. Shall we say that I, even if I could survive such trauma, would not want others to have to see me with my vital organs hanging out or knife holes in the upper chest. I get grossed out thinking about it. I spent that half hour out of the approximately eight hours in class hiding behind a closed first aid manual (it also had gory photos) and not looking down at the pictures in the notes they handed out. See, I do not do well with such things–and I used to want to be a nurse, brrrrr. I could still do orthopedic stuff if I wanted; that’s not so bad. No, but covering my partners in gauze–now that was fun.

There were mostly scouts there. One of them being a female committee member who is organizing an all-girl trip to Philmont and has invited my girls-only crew to join her. huzzah, what fun!

5 thoughts on “First Aid

  1. The quote of the day (or yesterday) is the following:

    1:”Stop that, and furthermore, those are my socks”
    2: “I have allergies…..”

    Ask not the origin of the quote.

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