Yeah, I, um, wrote this post on Easter; but being the procastinator that I am, I didn’t edit it ’till now 🙂

Hello all, Man, it’s cold! It got really warm out for about a month, and then, Bam! It is cold again. It almost messed up my church’s Easter egg hunt too. I say almost; no, we did it inside school my church meets at; it was neat.

And then my sister inserts herself into this post, “Mom, Joanna’s hitting me!” *she smacks my elbow against her face* If we had actually given out candy at this Easter egg hunt, I would say that she was wired; but no, instead of candy, they gave out junk and the odd mint or so. Junk? No, really, junk, it’s almost as bad as Happy Meal toys (but not so ugly). It’s the type of thing my little sister thrives on, the type of thing which will soon pave the carpet I’ve been bugging her to finish clearing off so that I can vacuum it. It’s the type of thing which would be easy to throw out if she were not there to collect it in the first place. (Who needs slimy fake snakes, nerf ammunition for a gun which we do not have, and fake coins?) (The type of thing which will motivate me to go bug her again before it gets on the floor.)

Of course, I’m not perfect in that respect either. In contrast to my sisters-one of whom doesn’t like to but can clean her side in ten minutes, and the other who says that cleaning is just too inconvenient and takes too long- there is me who pretends to be clean but is really an organized pack-rat. I will-almost entertainingly-move heaps of clean clothes and papers from my desk to my bed and back for several weeks until I finally take several hours and get rid of all the junk.

I would like to wish all a Happy Easter.

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