And then there was the pollen season, or the flu season–I really can’t tell if it was just short-lived or I just had a cold. I have a worse reaction than my sisters, which really isn’t fair considering I’ve already got celiac disease. But as I mentioned, it fortunately only lasted a very short while of about a week and a half for me. (On which days we topped the list of places with the most pollen.)

I passed wilderness first aid course last week (Huzzah!), surviving almost passing out from queasiness in the ladies room.

My brother is at coming home at last in May. Coincidentally, several weeks before Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End comes out. One could almost thank the school boards for letting out so early, knowing that half the kids in classes would either skip class or stay up late and skip studying to go to a viewing.

I finally charmed bribed got my little sister to clean her side…and there was much rejoicing, until next month when our room will again be a wreck.

Last Friday I went to a robotics competition. Besides my pretended motives of going for the “educational” value to see how kids designed their robots and watching a team some kids I know are on, (they weren’t actually competing; and although my sister met up with them, I did not.) I also had the motives of (a.) wandering about aimlessly picking up buttons and glow-sticks which I will never wear again; (b.) skipping a day of school work by way of this field trip; and (c.) getting conned into signing up for college mailing lists with the promise of bobble pens which my siblings will never “borrow” (a.k.a. steal) because they’re so ugly.

The connections between my math book and my logic books are becoming ever more scary than one would expect. To elaborate, I realized that the methods I was using to solve some equations were rather very similar to the ways you can take obverse and converse of statements, a procedure which I had been studying earlier for a test. The similarity got rather more striking after as an extra credit problem in the test, I was asked to draw a Venn Diagram. (I hadn’t learned about this–apparently there’s supposed to be a teacher elaborating on these things) Guess what I learned in math the next day; I am thinking that I am going to be liking math more than I have been lately.

5 thoughts on “

  1. You are so freaking boring! And I will not steal your bobble pen. It is hideous, you are correct.
    I don’t steal your pens. This is libel.

  2. Yes, my last comment sounded rather violent, so I will amend it with another.
    *does cartwheel* Seee? was that not cute and nonviolent.
    *crashing noises and angry cries* Um,,,,, goodbye.

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