“Math is broken”

Hello, besides wanting to kill my math book, things are pretty good here. James is home from college. I’ve joined a robotics team, and things are generally ok.

On the subject of the math book. I’ve just spent four hours correcting tests and trying to see how the book wants me to solve problems before I actually do the final exam. Can I count that for school? How big a margin of error are Saxon publishers allowing anyway? I can get answers off by a margin of 1000 or 400 for this one logarithem problem. I tell you I’m going insane trying to figure it out. In this other one, I’m off by a margin of two. Two! It all depends on how you round the stupid numbers. I had understood that you were supposed to round to at least two decimal places but now they seem to be rounding to five, one, or even no places. As I say, I’m going insane. I take comfort in the fact that John H. Saxon is dead so I won’t be tempted to murder him. I will, however, eventually send a letter of utter confusion and complaint to his publishing company.

That out of the way I can now smile. Perhaps I will even give an evil laugh. I have loaded all of my rantings on you and will laugh about it for seconds to come. Until you stop visiting my blog…..hmm……

I will however, after ranting, incredibely ironically offer to help anyone who needs it with the lower half of Algebra.

“Besides that, there are mushrooms…..and..fish” With that incredible haphazardness, who needs to get comfort from the stupid imprecise rules of rounding?

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