I’m Borrrredd…

I have recently been wasting my time on facebook (and such minute things as school and cleaning) besides avoiding blogging for reasons of having naught to say. I now do not have anything to say. However, it is boring around here; and that, besides being a bit of a rarity, is something which has always seemed to me to be fascinating. For one thing, you always want to be board; but when you are, anything but the things you told yourself you’d do when you had some more time seems interesting. So let us explore this issue and hope that Joanna stays on topic.

For instance, today,…it is hot……and a Saturday. Now, during the week, I would have told myself, “I HATE language and lit, I wanna do something interesting. I know! This weekend I’ll finish the cross stitch kit I got seven months ago!” (Well, I would have said that if I hadn’t already been bored by my schoolwork.) Now the thought goes more like this, “swimming….pool, wanna play Pirates on piano…, or…swim.., or waste-me-time-on-YouTube-or-web-comic-forum.” Which I can, having already done some make-up schoolwork today, do reasonably permissibly. I choose, however, to use my time writing something of some length and so (in theory) not waste it.

My theory on this phenomenon of never doing the things you think you want to do is simply this: you never actually wanted to finish your sewing project. See, your brain is trying to kill you by telling you you want to be bored; so that when you find you don’t want to do something constructive, you will begin to make a habit of being bored and not doing anything…on school days. The result being, your Dad will kill you himself for not doing anything. Either that, or your brains is hoping you will learn to be studious from getting in trouble with your parent and so never be bored again. Wow….that’s a diabolical body organ.

But of course, this theory makes absolutely no sense if you don’t know what bored is.

Bored-is the state of mind in which you fool yourself into thinking that you have nothing to do, when in fact, your Mom could think up dozens of things.*

You are bored when you discover that WordPress has installed a button so that you can color your words.

You are bored when you start reading the blog of someone who has nothing to say–in other words, I’ve pegged you.

You are bored when you can envision your life as a skit–one which isn’t performed with any emotion* (*come to any Boy Scout camp out)

Finally, you are bored when you can…and do…list in order, every person ever mentioned in LOTR* (*either that or you are a particularly zealous fan, either way, you need a good long session of yard work.)

(*Other definitions may also include making any kind of ball out of rubber bands or candy wrappers; having arguments with your sister over facebook; or when your entire family can hum the Pirates sound track in unison—try it!)

In other words, pretty much everyone is bored on a regular basis. I suggest helping your brain out and speeding up the process by learning to ear-play Pirates of the Caribbean on the piano.

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