Heart and Soul (die)

Now that I have discovered facebook, I spend vast amounts of time on it doing nothing (“Hey, look! I didn’t know our family had a crest”; “Wow, this group is awesome”–[Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya; you killed my father: prepare to die]; “And you can throw food at people…“)

However, I do spend enough time studying to observe the following: there is a magnetic attraction between, someone who cannot move the location of their studying and noisy siblings; furthermore, they are 90% more likely to practice their piano pieces wrong (loudly) during that time.

Have you ever looked up the words for “Heart and Soul”? Do so here. Why on earth would any fool teach a four-year-old to play that? Besides that, there is also the obvious. A while back, Readers Digest had this in their humor section, “A sign on a piano in a music store: If your child plays ‘Chopsticks’ or ‘Heart and Soul’ on this instrument, our employees will not be responsible for their actions.” Who, has not felt that way? (By the way, how many small people, can actually play the accompaniment?)

Besides that, it rained, twice. Let us all break out into cheers at the prospect of getting wet without all that chlorine (Thank you God.)

Of course, there would be isolated thunderstorms the place I’m going this week on vacation; and it would have almost the same weather as here. Knowing our history with these sorts of trips, though, that will not prevent us from going rafting in the rain, nor; if I know my cousin, will it prevent him from organizing a group for building and floating around on a waterlogged wood and styrofoam raft. For all the insanity that implies, I do not think I care. In fact, if I want to trust my dryness to this thing, I better go learn some knots.


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