Extreme shopping

I had a post about a week ago….but the laptop ate it. “It wasn’t my fault!” *ahem*

We went shopping last night at Wal-Mart because my current hiking boots are several sizes too big. I discovered that as Wal-Mart only carries what the rest of my insane age group wears; boots are now a specialty item, as are one-piece swimsuits and sport sandals in my size. Wal-Mart caters to those who wear only nice shoes or insulated running shoes–and wear tacky tee shirts. In essence, what was past specialty and what was in the past regular have changed places. This gives truth to the phrase, “You’re so cool, you’re not cool!” Unfortunately, I just made that phrase up. But it does lend a ray of truth to dressing up. My siblings dress up like commandos, Zorro, spies, etc. However, what kids on Halloween do not realize, is that if you really want to be undercoverly cool, you don’t dress like a macho spy, (though it’s loads of fun), you dress undercover, like a nerd–like me! “Bwahahaha! No one has ever discovered–“ *blank*

“–Und now for something, completely different.”

Trying to think up a title for this post gave me an awesome idea. What if they made a video game in the style of Halo involving a super center, shopping carts, power-ups, and lasers? It would be totally awesome I tell you! You could hide around corners and blast all the clueless salesclerks who ask you if you need help, but do not know how to help you. You could get points for blasting people who picked the pecans out of the mixed nut stands! Best of all, you could be employed by umm–someone important who thought it unfair that the people had to knock TVs on themselves to get a good excuse for suit.

I’m not anti-Wal-Mart….really


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