Bored with Much to Do

Things have been rather interesting lately. For one thing, I’m on a First Vex robotics team finally. And in a surprise turn of events, Christina will also be on the team. She came along to watch and was lured in by the promise of taking things apart and making towers from marshmellows and toothpicks at later meetings.

Also, I fall into sadness as the college term starts and my brother vanishes for 102 days. Not really, Christina makes really good cake. We also watched a movie last night to comfort ummm….our umm..depression. It was called Persuasion and Christina claims it is the ultimate girly movie. Unfortunately, it probably is; besides the fact my little brother looked bored out of his skin, you couldn’t know what was going on until the last half-hour of the movie unless you had read the book by Jane Austen. It did, however, have a nice ending. They sailed away into the sunset….literally.

Just as I really come to the realization I’m going backpacking, my body begins to mess up. Seriously, my wrists…..

Christina pulls me away from my preoccupation,

“Time me.”


*plays piano piece at breakneck speed* “How long?”


“49? Man! Glen Gould can play it in 25 seconds!”

“no, I said you played it in 34.”

“Oh, I’m good.”

This is my house. Can anyone guess what Christina’s major is going to be?

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