Robotics by committee

To my complete and utter happiness, I am now developing ideas for a
robot. Transferring them to an actual metal structure, is sadly a much
different process.

Our first task was brainstorming. Once the rush of ideas had stampeded
past, there was not much left to do, so we wanted to build. Our mentor
(in all his wisdom and machine development) got us to slow down and
think things through, averting mad chaos. Once we had some good ideas,
we again decided that we wanted to build. Three-quarters of the team
(as well as our mentor) weren’t there. That wasn’t a problem…. So we
built a model of an arm.

The second task was actually developing ideas and finding workable
compromises. However, by this time, three-quarters of the members on
BOTH our own and our sister team had to attend meetings for the LEGO
robot team they were also on. Much to my chagrin, the VEX and the LEGO
teams met simultaneously. What was left of our two teams merged and
talked, in essence getting both entire teams prepared for the task of

Afterwards, I took left of the arm we had first built home to improve
upon it. (The rest of the arm had gotten destroyed in the mad rush of
building.) I began to work on it. I suddenly had a mad desire for a
degree in machine development. (It looked so pretty on paper.)
Suddenly I understood that this would be hard work.

Due to the fact my parents had to go out of state the next meeting and
I had all the parts as well as the engineering notebook, the next
meeting must have been one of immense unproductively. However, Slowly
as it may be, we do make progress.


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