This past week I have been semi-sick and extremely unproductive. I suppose beginning a fitness plan is productive, but the gain was canceled by the time I spent idle and inexplicably sore.

My main concern at present is how I am going to use my still hoarse voice to say any lines during a short Christmas play. If a certain child shows up, I will happily watch someone else of carry an enormous J across the stage. It is not that I mind carrying the letter too much, of course, but I mind people watching me. On the other hand, if I give up that part, I have to be a plant. Yelling answers to the questions asked by the actors might not be so bad.

One thing I have done this week is to read history. Why is it that evil people go at their colleagues’ throats? If they united, then Communism would rule the world! (Another question I have is why would anyone want the responsibility of ruling the earth and the fear of assassination. I seem to have no allies on that one.)

I have also been analyzing other people’s personalities. It’s quite strange how some people mature very quickly, while others seem to have always been mature. Ah! but those are the phlegmatic.


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