Recently, my life has been looking rather average to me, but only when the expression is pondered over, do you realize how unusual average is.
There is no such thing as average. The expression “average” can refer to an opinion between two extremes, but not necessarily one that exists.
So it is that I find life “interesting.”

My first observation on the zest of life has to do with lunch. The fact that you have similar and ordinary-sounding things for lunch each day does not necessarily make them normal. Wednesday I had a lime-marmalade, onion, and sour cream sandwich.

The second observation has to do with the nature of school. Ordinary assignments can actually completed for fun without getting a horrible result. I like doodling little people with kites on my trigonometry problems.

The third is the long known but not comprehended observation that people do just that. For this reason, I wish that Sunday school curriculum avoided over-used phrases and stories. It is only now that I reread that I realize, “Wow this is a great verse. I’ve known it since I was seven.”

On these same lines runs the principle of outlook. Suddenly, the world can become sunnier, and I realize that I am blessed.


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