Problems with the Robot

Building our robot goes reasonably well, but it is strange how something so calculated and mulled over could be so hard to gauge the success of.

Our robot is basically designed to pick up rings and slide them over a stick. That would not seem so hard. It is. We finally got an arm worked up to skew them and raise them to the level of the stick. Problems remain.

  • We have barely enough room to mount the arm and stand a high chance of bending the rod it is mounted on.
  • We cannot tell if we will actually be able to pick the rings up. This cannot be accurately tested until we have the arm mounted.
  • Somewhat humorous, with all this weight, will we actually be able to move the product of our genius?

Bright spots, however, remain. We have large omni-wheels, making it infinitely easier to move the thing. Soon we will have zip-ties, and world domination will be accomplished. That is, until we test it. Figures they would change to different parts next year.

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