Whee! it’s so pretty here! The trees here are just getting into bloom and it was beginning to get warm before the cold snap and the birds are chipper. Although I feel somewhat guilty about enjoying this because people in my family have major allergies… Then it snowed, and I was wearing shorts. Do people wear shorts anymore? One begins to wonder.

It appears that I shall be haunting my local scout blast. Huzzah! What our crew plans to do might be a little elaborate; it appears to be hit or miss. Maybe we’ll miss and land in the shade. 😉

Oh, yes and Easter week (or the date of Easter last year) is the anniversary of when I began a children’s story for my sister. I am considering the possibility of posting the story in my “Writings” section as a serial in a few months. I need to edit/rewrite it and fix the tone. (You can almost hear me laughing as my characters fall into peril again and again.) In addition to that, because its target is 11-14 year-olds and it is not very skillfully told, most of my readers will probably not have much interest for it.

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