Well, by circumstances almost beyond my comprehension, it appears that team 420, and I with it, are going to  the FIRST nationals! Usually, only teams who won first place or the inspire award get to go. However, so many teams won first place at multiple competitions that they had a drawing for lowly teams like ours to come as filler.

I am somewhat peeved. The drawing took place eight days before they told us, and we now only have a week to get ready. We are coming to try to compete, you know. FIRST also slapped us with a humongous entrance fee in proportion to the notice they gave us.

We found a sponsor, however, so we won’t have to pay the fee. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to go. Now I have an incredible amount of work before me.

  • We must stabilize an annoying semi-twisting shaft.
  • We must reprogram the thing.
  • We must practice driving.
  • We must find a way to be sure of the arm’s height.
  • We need to finish all the publicity stuff, t-shirts, lists of what to bring and remember, etc.

Despite this all, I’m rather happy to go. Next year the nationals are being moved to California, which is far outside the reach of my casual haunting. I wish to make the most of this last championship. Perhaps we might even win something. 😉

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