T-minus 2 days

What an odd, strange ride it’s been. Robotics still dominate my days. We must have spent 30 hours on the robot in the last few days. I am beginning to feel like a fool surrounded by geniuses. You can almost hear the brain circuits buzzing; perhaps that’s the humidifier.

It almost seems that for every problem we solve, there’s another problem right around the corner. All of our problems from last week were solved by a brainstorm, but now the five-year-old kits are beginning to break down. We had to sauter a wire tonight just so we could practice. We have been reduced to overnight shipping and begging other teams so we can use a lawful wire at the competition.

Other than that, I have been struck by how similar this is to the small handi-crafts I had been doing, especially sorting screws and inserting things into tight places. I even got out my sewing kit when we were trying to thread the wires back into the connection.
Pray that our team as well as our robot does not break under the strain. God wants us to do this; He’ll get us through it.

3 thoughts on “T-minus 2 days

  1. Yes the robot is going rather well. and our brains to run like curcuits, energy being sugar or some other from there of. As for a fool surrounded by genuises, I’m honored that you consider me smart but I doubt I’m that much smarter than you. The problems are also working themselves out nicely. Anyway see you tomorrow. ~Charlie of Duckt

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