T-minus 0

Time has slowed down, a good thing too–we had lots to work on. Our robotics competition is on Thursday. Today will be the final leg.

We must practice, practice, and somehow get our average up to 50 pointsOur Robot in one minute, forty seconds. That’s a point every two seconds, so we probably won’t get it that high. We need to work on our program especially after we saw that some teams (FTC 3) have eight autonomous  modes according to whom they are playing. We also need to do a general maintenence check. I’m not going to be begging for parts from other teams during the competition. (hopefully) Even if we do have to beg, all the teams there are really nice and will pity the idiot enthusiasts who got to go at last minute.

We will be giving away nifty pens and wearing green. We will also be sneezing over everyone (me at least) because we have allegies. I recommend that you wave to us from across the room. *kidding*

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