World Championships

The championship is now over. I’ve no clue who won. As it turned out, the robot performed fairly well compared to some of the teams that got there by winning regionals. However, it was difficult to drive, aim, etc. We also discovered the solution to all our gearing system problems in a Mexican team’s beautiful gearing system, but by that time it was too late to fix our problems.

To be short, we lost because we did. I am not bitter, however. Although all no one besides myself will be returning next year, I now see many ways by which next year’s robot may be perfected. Actually, we have been having overall trouble arranging team meetings for activities other than frenzied building. For this reason, we had not had our end of year party when the Championship appeared more than month after the initial regional.

I am glad that robotics is over for the season, however. The activity loses some charm when people begin to stress. Besides that, it’s springtime and I have a cold. Now that the championship is past, I may safely flaunt it to family members as something other than allergies. I would like to go outside into the pollen and enjoy it. We spent an estimated 42 hours inside in the past week hunched over the robot.

I have discovered that I need to spend more time writing. Some quality is lost. Is it better to be blind of your faults but happy and willing to continue; or to see your faults and to be dissatisfied, wishing to stop?


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